Start the journey toward the golf game you want.


Introducing: Video Lessons!

What's included?

  • Send in up to 3 swing videos accompanied with your commentary
  • Fill out a JPK Golf questionnaire that details the state of your game and what your goals are
  • Receive a full package of swing videos returned with commentary from John, an explanation of what's going wrong, a practice routine to help you right the ship, and an assortment of practice drills to work on your new golf swing. Pictures and demonstrations of drills included!
  • One 15 minute Skype/FaceTime/phone call scheduled at your convenience to explain all the information after you've read it over.
  • Continued weekly check up's throughout the process to see how you're doing for one month from the date of purchase.

How do I sign up?

  1. Start by purchasing the Video Lesson Package in the JPK Shop.
  2. Email your swing videos to JPKostis@gmail.com
  3. I'll email you the questionnaire which you can fill out and email back to me. We'll then start the process of analyzing your golf game and giving you a clear and comprehensive plan to improve.
  4. Once you receive your package of swings with commentary, drills, pictures, and practice routines, you can call me to answer any questions for up to one month from the date you purchased the lesson

Cost: $49.99 per student


 Take your game to the next level--now.


At JPK Golf Instruction my goal is to help you create your golf game. I say "game" for a reason. Playing golf successfully involves a multitude of components--solid swing fundamentals, the right attitude, a good mental approach, and a confident short game to name a few. We evaluate your game and begin to turn your current weakness into your newest strength. 


Thank you and Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of the students at JPK Golf this year. I hope you improved your games, reached your goals, and continued to learn more about the process of developing a golf game you love! With over 1,200 hours of lessons given this year to more than 250 students, I learned a lot and experienced a lot thanks to you guys! I hope to help each and every one of you continue on your journey! to help get the year started off right:

Purchase any two person golf school and bring a third person for free!!

Offer valid for purchase until February 29th. Golf school must be used during calendar year 2016

The 1 Day Golf School Includes:

  • 9am-12pm: Trackman diagnostics to establish a baseline of your golf swing, fundamental swing work on the range, fitness evaluation
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch in Phil's grill with John
  • 1pm-2pm: Short game skills evaluation and practice
  • 2pm-4:30pm: 9 hole playing lesson applying the new fundamentals we learned on the golf course, routine, shot selection, club selection

Cost: $750/student per day 

The 2 Day School doubles the above schedule but we can spend more time working on the exact areas that need to improve the most!

Old School Fundamentals and New School Technology
Golf is counterintuitive—sometimes you have to try hard to not try hard.
We’re looking for effortless power, not powerless effort.
There is no one swing for everybody—but everybody needs one swing!

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