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At JPK Golf Instruction my goal is to help you create your golf game. I say "game" for a reason. Playing golf successfully involves a multitude of components--solid swing fundamentals, the right attitude, a good mental approach, and a confident short game to name a few. We evaluate your game and begin to turn your current weakness into your newest strength. 


Holiday Season Special Pricing

Use this special offer as a way to get started working on your golf game. Package prices are all based off the $100/hr rate for a private adult lesson. Don't forget we offer gift certificates and lesson packages make a great gift! Special pricing available until December 31st. No expiration on any lesson packages purchased during the holidays. 

  • 10% off 3 Lesson Package

  • 20% off of 5 Lesson Package

  • 30% off of 10 Lesson Package

Old School Fundamentals and New School Technology
Golf is counterintuitive—sometimes you have to try hard to not try hard.
We’re looking for effortless power, not powerless effort.
There is no one swing for everybody—but everybody needs one swing!

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